Cases CMC Estácio Case Study

CMC Estácio Case Study

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Campus Management is a leading provider of software, strategies and services which enable institutions of higher education to offer dynamic models of engagement & delivery. Over the past 27 years, Campus Management has supported higher education, both proprietary and traditional institutions, as well as foundations and other organizations through its cutting-edge student information system; constituent relationship management (CRM) software; and finance, human resources and payroll solutions.

Campus Management’s solutions are specifically designed to provide institutions the flexibility they need to compete in the ever-changing higher education landscape by offering products that support changes in education delivery, recruitment, financial aid, finance, human resources, payroll, and regulatory compliance.

Today, nearly 2,000 campuses in 18 countries utilize Campus Management to unite campuses and workflows, improve student outcomes and achieve goals.


How did Estácio S.A. become Brazil’s second largest university system with over 500,000 students across 84 campuses around the country? It was Estácio’s ability to target and serve the needs of a diverse constituency, which continues to spur its unprecedented growth today.

Estácio’s success is also about leveraging the latest innovations in higher education to serve a broader, more diverse student body. To improve recruitment and enrollment processes for its master’s programs, Estacio turned to Campus Management, a global technology company with a successful track record for
implementing CRM solutions designed to engage traditional and nontraditional student alike.

“Many of our students are the first ones in their families to attend college,” says Daniel Pedrino, head of Estácio’s new business development. “So more flexible learning models and modern engagement tools like CRM would enable us to tailor communications and services to them.”

Before Campus Management implemented its CRM solution, Estácio’s recruitment and enrollment process for its master’s programs was divided among various channels, including print and TV ads, call centers, and a website. “No one could track the overall process,” says Pedrino.

“We wanted to capture and consolidate information on students from all these channels to gain a better understanding of their goals and needs, not just count visits to our website. Our mission is to educate and transform, so we not only want to attract students, but provide a differentiated brand experience, to become true advisors to our students.”


Campus Management’s involvement with Estácio began in December 2013. “After looking at other brands on the market, we were impressed with how flexible CampusNexus CRM software is for aligning with our vision, campaigns, and worklfows,” says Pedrino. Other factors that led to Estácio’s selection of Campus
Management included:

• Campus Management’s professional services team implements the solution rather than third-party personnel

• Singular focus on higher education and the CRM solution’s high level of adaptability to Estácio business processes

• The application easily integrates with existing systems at the institution

• Flexibility and agility in creating, changing, and managing communication and customer relationship campaigns

• Practical and real-time controls and reporting To ensure the flow and quality of the project as a whole,
Estácio created a new division called Central de Captação.

The new division would be dedicated to recruitment, customer care, data intelligence, and relationship campaigns for the graduate division. For project management and design of processes in connection with attracting new students, the institution hired Persone Marketing, a company specializing
in the educational industry.

Without any previous experience using CampusNexus CRM, the new department and Persone were able to quickly adapt and configure campaigns, identify and support potential students, and work as an integrated, focused team to provide the best service and brand experience to prospects and students in Brazil.

Using the CRM solution, the team is able to create multiple simultaneous campaigns and over 170 contact flows designed to target prospective students with highly personalized communications across channels. The project involved integration of seven platforms, which centralized information and allowed a more systemic view of the entire marketing and customer-relationship process.

“In essence, we built a new department and team around CampusNexus CRM,” says Pedrino


By the end of 2014, Estácio’s CRM-based project recorded the best results in the organization’s 45-year history. The project increased the number of new students by 92 percent in the second half of 2014 compared with the same period in 2013, and the application to enrollment conversion rate rose 55 percent over that same timeframe.

“No other educational institution in Latin America provides a service experience like Estácio’s graduate division,” says Pedrino. “Our great advantage today is the quality of service, the personalization, and the speed with which we engage prospects, and CampusNexus CRM solution makes all this possible. The solution gives us the confidence of knowing that candidates passing through this center will have a unique
service experience.

Even those who choose not to take a course today will bear in mind that Estácio is an institution that really
walks the extra mile to serve them well.”

For Campus Management, the project’s success was due to the team effort of Estácio, Campus Management, and Persone.

“Together, we were able to create a comprehensive solution that integrates the various relationship platforms and generates metrics in real time, which enables Estácio to create new strategies dynamically or redirect campaigns with ease to optimize the potential of each opportunity,” says Luiz Dasilva, Campus Management’s Enterprise Account Manager.

Today, Estácio is truly a national brand throughout Brazil and at the forefront of a revolution taking place in the country’s education system and economy. The institution is producing a younger generation that is better educated and prepared to tackle the challenges of the country, and Campus Management is proud of its association as a solutions provider and long-term partner to Estácio.

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